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File Your Taxes Free Online

Get the largest possible refund
Filing your own taxes is easy.  
To be eligible for free federal and state income tax filing, you need:
  • Earned income of less than $58,000 in 2013
  • A valid email address
  • A valid Social Security Number (or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number)


By clicking on this button, you are leaving the Beehive and going to our partner site, MyFreeTaxes, for free preparation and filing. Your personal information will be secure at all times.
To file electronically, you will need to verify your previous year’s Adjusted Gross Income (on your income tax forms) or your self-select PIN number that you used last year. Use this tool to get these numbers before you start filing.



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having a hard time getting in!


Very pleased to find this site. Thanks for taking the time to share this.